Creating a trendy capsule wardrobe for moms, plus size ladies, and busy women

Creating the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you look at your closet? You’ve got so many options on what to wear, but really, you tend to just pick the same thing, day after day. I mean, it works, right?

When browsing Pinterest for wardrobe ideas, you’ve probably heard about the concept of a capsule wardrobe, and found it to be intriguing. After all, how awesome would it be to put your hand in your closet, grab something, and automatically know that it would match?

I’m going to share some tips and tricks for how you can create your own capsule wardrobe – but make sure that you read to the end, because I will soon be opening up seasonal capsule wardrobes in my Facebook group, and you’ll want to get all the juicy details!

Tip: want to try putting together your own capsule wardrobe? Use the cart on my online store as a staging area! Add things to your cart and see if you like them together to create your own capsule wardrobe. 

Pick a Cornerstone Piece for Your Capsule Wardrobe

This piece is the one that helps set the tone for the entire wardrobe. Whether it be a dress, a pair of pants, skirt, or whatever, this is the piece that brings it all together.

Many people start by choosing a base color for their capsule wardrobe, like navy or black, but starting with a cornerstone piece helps you build a wardrobe you’ll love and want to wear every day, especially if you’re just beginning with a capsule wardrobe.

This cornerstone piece has the colors that you love and want throughout the entire capsule wardrobe, and can easily be paired with any other item.

For example: is your favorite piece a cardigan? You can use this to inspire the rest: pants and a skirt that match, several neutral shirts. It all comes together from here!

For fall, one of my favorite cornerstone pieces is a chunky sweater, or a pair of my favorite Judy Blue jeans. These items are easy to match with other items to create a winning capsule wardrobe.

Pick Neutral Complimentary Pieces

Now that you’ve picked your cornerstone pieces, you’ll want to find neutral items that go with that piece. 

Continuing with using a cardigan as the example, you’ll want to find a pair of pants and a skirt that go with that cardigan. Then, find two shirts that match BOTH the pants and the skirt and the cardigan.

With this, you’ve suddenly turned 5 pieces of clothing into 8 different looks!

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Shirt 1 + Pants
  2. Shirt 2 + Pants
  3. Shirt 1 + Skirt
  4. Shirt 2 + Skirt
  5. Shirt 1 + Pants + Cardigan
  6. Shirt 2 + Pants + Cardigan
  7. Shirt 1 + Skirt + Cardigan
  8. Shirt 2 + Skirt + Cardigan

Just 5 pieces of clothing can create 8 totally unique looks!

You can easily customize these choices to fit your unique needs. Not a skirt person? Easy! Just find two pairs of pants. Looking for a more professional look? Simply add a blazer to your capsule wardrobe instead of a cardigan.

There are no limits to creating a capsule wardrobe, and you can ensure that it is perfect for your unique needs!

Contrast with Accessories

Accessories are magical.

You can completely change the vibe of an outfit by swapping out the accessories. Switch out a chunky scarf for dainty jewelry, and you’ve got a totally different look. 

Accessories are the MVP of your capsule wardrobe because they can give a pop of contrasting color, bring out an accent color from your cornerstone piece, or just make it look like a completely different outfit.

Whether it be colorful earrings, or a neutral necklace, I’ve got something that’s sure to fit your style.

Buy a Capsule Wardrobe

Does this all still feel overwhelming? I get it! Making sure to get the most value out of your wardrobe takes some intentional work. 

Starting this fall, I’m offering seasonal capsule wardrobes in the Just Gorgeous Darling boutique! If you’re interested in me creating a capsule wardrobe tailored to you, click HERE to join my group, and get all the details! 

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