Style Boards for New Arrivals (10/22/19)

Every week, we create style board featuring out weekly New Arrivals!

Pictured: Gemma Tunic , Long Beaded Necklace | Champagne, Live In Leggings | Black

The Gemma Tunic is a JGD favorite- our customers are always so happy with how flattering the cut is! This version features a gorgeous heathered rust with a dramatic black floral pattern. We paired it with black leggings, riding boots, and a gorgeous new necklace!

Pictured: Plaid Sleeve Tunic , Stacked Up Bracelet | Black, Black Live In Leggings

This is the perfect casual Fall outfit for hayrides, pumpkin patch, or field trips with the kiddos. The Plaid Sleeve Tunic paired with a quilted vest, sorel wedge boots and leggings. Comfortable, classy & just a little bit sassy!

Pictured: Phoebe Tunic, Black Tear Drop Earrings

This tunic outfit is perfect for ladies who love a retro vibe. Pair it with a slouchy cardigan and some riding boots…don’t forget some fabulous earrings!

Pictured: Best Believe Cowl Neck Tunic, Quilted Vest | Gun Metal, Own the Room KanCan Denim, Luxy Stack | Burgundy

Pictured: Olive Top, She’s Worth It KanCan Skinnies, Stacked Up | Olive, Leopard Scarf

Just Gorgeous Darling Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are coming, and it’s time to start working on your gift list. The great thing is, you can get a lot of your Christmas gift shopping done all in one spot. Plus, free shipping? What a win! You can knock out a lot of your Christmas shopping all at once. I’ve created this holiday gift guide to help you find the right gifts for your best friends.

Oh, and you know what? If you read any of these, and think “wow, that describes ME!” and you decide to play Santa and buy it for yourself, we won’t tell. Treat yourself! 

Gifts to Pamper Your Stressed Friend

Do you have a family member who is stressed and needs to take a break and take care of themselves? 

You can’t make them not stress, but you can help create a relaxing situation! 

I LOVE Dirty Bee products: they’re a small, US-based company that creates bath and shower products. I’ve just added a few new products to the shop, and you’re sure to fall in love!

Face Mask
There are four varieties of face masks available, and you can pick whatever is going to fit your friend’s skin needs. From oily to dry, we’ve got you covered – literally! 

Shower Steamer
Ever want the fun of a bath bomb but don’t have time for a bath? Want to invigorate your senses while you’re washing your hair? Ready to emerge from your shower feeling truly refreshed?

Grab a shower steamer. Just put one of these in the bottom of your shower, and your senses will be stirred as the hot water hits, and fragrance fills the shower. With scents like lavender and eucalyptus, you’re sure to emerge from your shower feeling refreshed and ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Shop our selection of Dirty Bee products.

Gifts For Your Forgetful Friend

Do you spend a lot of time searching for missing keys? I’ve got the perfect solution. This set of keys on a stylish keyring are the perfect solution to all those wild and crazy hunts for missing keys. 

Is it a stylish bracelet? Is it a key ring? Is it a superhero? It’s all of the above. Gone are the days of endlessly searching for missing keys! This is the perfect addition to this holiday gift guide: everyone needs one of these!

Shop our in stock tassel key rings.

Gifts for Your Funny Friend

We all have that one friend who keeps us laughing – I bet you can think of that person right now! You may want to check out what kind of graphic tees I have in stock. From the “tired moms club” to fun coffee quotes, there’s always a rotating selection of styles and sayings.

We’ve always got a rotating selection of graphic tees; make sure you check them out!

Shop graphic tees.

Gifts For the Toddler Mom

Is your friend always chasing toddlers? Is she always on the go?

You might want to get her some perfect yoga pants. They’re every mom’s dream pair of pants: supportive, soft, stretchy – and did I mention pockets? 

No matter what her day brings, these pants are there for her.

Need something else to send with those yoga pants? Learn more about the Just Gorgeous Darling Athleisure collection.

Gifts For the Impossible Friend

Do you have that friend who already seems to have everything? Or maybe, they’re just hard to shop for. They know what they like, and all of their purchases are super strategic.

We’ve got you covered with our gift card options. Maybe they’ll get their first Dirty Bee shampoo bar. Perhaps they’ll splurge on their first pair of Judy Blues. The possibilities are endless when you give a gift card.

So what are you hoping to unwrap this holiday season? Was this holiday gift guide helpful? What gifts would you add to this list from the shop?

The holidays are coming, which means there are going to be special items coming up! The best place to get the latest information is in my VIP Facebook group. Are you a member? If not, what are you waiting for? We’d love to have you join. And while you’re at it, make sure that you text “Darling” to 57838 to get a special discount code texted to you! It may be the season of giving, but I like to make sure that you get gifts too!

The 2019 JGD Holiday Gift Guide! 🎁💌

Posted by Just Gorgeous Darling Boutique on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fall Outfit Ideas featuring our New Arrivals! (10/14/19)

Pictured: Willa Cardigan (Beige), Naomi Lace Cami, “Own the Room” Judy Blue Denim, Stacked UP Bracelet Stacks (Nude)

This first look for our babes who love to wear neutral earthy tones. Pair this look with the popular “Pillow Talk” shade of lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury for an easy to wear everyday look!

Pictured: Julet Top, “Why Ya’ll Tryin’ to Test the Jesus in Me” mug, Black Distressed Judy Blue Denim

This look combines a little bit of edge, with some fun detailing! We’re loving the crocheted detail on the hemline, and we can never get enough of Judy Blue’s distressed denim. They are the ultimate stretchy denim! Keep your coffee flowing in this cheeky mug.

Pictured: Thea Cardigan, Hey Darlin’ Earrings

What more does a girl need other than a fabulous cardigan and a killer pair of earrings?!

Pictured: Willa Cardigan (Rust), She’s Worth It KanCan denim

Comfort, class, and a little bit of sass!! That’s the motto of our boutique, and this look encompasses all of them!

Pictured: Morris Poncho, Tortoise Shell Necklace, She’s Worth It KanCan denim

This look is so classic & chic! We paired the navy blue poncho with some brown riding boots, a tortoise shell necklace, and an incredibly stretchy pair of KanCan denim.

Pictured: Rosemarie Cardigan, Clear Stone Drop Necklace, She’s Worth It KanCan denim

This outfit is perfect for our ladies who love a little pop of color! This popcorn stitch striped cardigan is so incredibly cozy! Paired with some skinnies, a chic necklace, and grey riding boots this is the perfect everyday fall outfit for busy ladies.

Athleisure: The New Mom Uniform

If you’ve been looking around for comfy, every day clothing, then athleisure is probably your new best friend.

Athleisure is a fancy name for athletic clothing made as comfortable as possible. Whoever came up with the concept of athleisure needs a gold medal – it’s the perfect mom uniform.

Need the right outfit for taking the kids to the store? Athleisure. Yardwork? Athleisure is here for you. Rainy Saturday at home? Athleisure just wants to keep you cozy.

Foundations of Athleisure: The Sports Bra

This strappy sports bra is one of my new favorite things to wear. First off, it’s cute – I love all of the straps. They’re such a fun detail for such a “boring” piece of clothing.

Stretchy fabric feels you cool, wicks sweat, and keeps you together no matter what your day holds. This sports bra is a medium impact bra, and is perfect for yoga, spinning, or the gym. It also includes removable pads for added support and modesty.

If you prefer a looser fit, then I recommend that you size up (just remember, it will be better for lower impact sports then).

Add Perfect Yoga Pants

I’ve already written an entire post telling you that I’ve found the perfect yoga pants, but let’s just talk about how much I love them again.

Many athletic pants are made with high levels of compression for professional athletics: but as a mom, let me tell you, I often feel more like a professional child-chaser than an endurance athlete.

I need clothing that is going to be comfortable all day long. These yoga pants are the perfect yoga pants, and are affordable enough that you can have a pair for every day of the week.

Best of all? These yoga pants have pockets. Snack pockets, phone pockets, whatever-you-need-them-for pockets. Bless pockets.

Complete Your Athleisure With a Comfy Top

I curate the Just Gorgeous Darling boutique’s inventory and selection with a critical eye, so if it’s in the shop, you know it’s going to be good.

I’ve fallen in love with two athleisure tops to add to the collection.

The first top is a wide neck oversized top. I love wearing it slightly off the shoulder, so I can show off my strappy sports bra. The mineral wash makes it the perfect companion to any of the items in the athleisure collection.

If you want to wear a top that’s a little more cozy, you’re going to love this one. This cowl neck long-sleeved top is perfect to pair with your leggings. The contrasting leopard print is playful and fun.

You can shop the entire Just Gorgeous Darling Athleisure collection HERE. Don’t forget to join my Facebook community to find more like-minded moms and new friends.

Judy Blue Jeans: Find the Denim of Your Dreams

Have you ever struggled with finding the best jeans for your body? Look no further: I’ve found the perfect brand of jeans: Judy Blue.

Judy Blue has quickly become a favorite denim brand among indie boutiques, with owners selling out almost as quickly as they can get the jeans in stock.

What makes this denim so magical? Let me break down how awesome Judy Blue denim is, and why you need to get a pair.

Judy Blue Denim is Made to Fit Your Body

Ill-fitting jeans are a thing of the past. These body hugging jeans were made with women’s bodies in mind.

Have you ever subscribed to the idea that your jeans have to be unflattering? I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to have to wear unflattering jeans. In fact, your jeans can be the perfect foundation for a super flattering wardrobe. Since they’re such a staple piece, it’s best to start out with a well-fitting, flattering pair of jeans!

Judy Blue is here to make your dreams of finding the perfect pair of jeans come true.

Don’t forget: Judy Blue jeans are the perfect part of your year-round wardrobe, and can be an excellent neutral piece for a capsule wardrobe.

Judy Blue is Size-Inclusive

Do you struggle with finding denim that fits? Are you a little bit scared of buying denim online? Fear not. 

As a boutique owner, I know the struggle of finding size-inclusive fashion. There’s nothing more disheartening than purchasing clothing online and finding that it’s not going to fit.

In the Just Gorgeous Darling community, you can post pictures and ask for help choosing the best size and fit. With so many ladies who have fallen in love with Judy Blue, you’ll be able to get input on the size and look that will be right for you.

You can find the size chart on any of my listings for Judy Blue items, but just in case, here’s a link to the official size chart.

For most of the Judy Blue styles, simply size up to the next size: for example, if you normally wear size 10 jeans, then you’ll want to buy Judy Blue size 11.

If you’re feeling uncertain about your size, just ask! I’m here to help you find the perfect fit. My returns policy is so good that you can order with confidence.

Get Your Judy Blue Jeans

Ready to get some Judy Blue denim into your life? Check out what I have in stock. I’m always ordering more styles, so make sure that you subscribe to my newsletter and text alerts so that you can get updated the second new stock hits the website.

As a special reminder: when you sign up for text alerts, you can get 15% off your first order! Just text “Darling” to 57838 to get added to the list! And don’t miss out on being part of the Just Gorgeous Darling community….it’s quickly become one of my favorite places on the internet, and I think you’ll love it too.

Bring the Fashion Runway to Your Closet: Making Fashion Trends Practical

Have you ever looked at pictures from fashion shows, and thought NO WAY.

I mean, some of those looks are so impractical, right? And it’s ok: we can admit that some of them are unappealing and unwearable. I mean, can you imagine wearing some of these runway looks in your house while taking care of kids, or running to the grocery store, or even when you’re having some “me time”?

It’s almost funny to think about.

But here’s the thing: those fashion shows and runway looks do help show general trends in the fashion industry. We can take some inspiration from the runway, and find ways to incorporate high-fashion trends into our everyday wardrobe.

Look for Fashion Trends in Patterns and Colors

Are you seeing a trend of particular patterns or colors? Fall 2019 fashion trends are showing that neon is in. Harper’s Bazaar says that this trend is “not for the faint of heart” – and then shows photos of models wearing neon from head to toe!

Not everyone is comfortable wearing a neon trench coat, or a neon jumpsuit.

But how do you feel about neon earrings, or a neon belt with your comfy little black dress?

If you’re seeing patterns or colors that make you hesitate, because they aren’t quite like anything else you’ve ever worn, then slowly sneak them into your wardrobe by using them as accessories.

Many of my customers were reluctant to wear leopard print in the beginning – now, I quickly sell out of anything leopard print!

Fashion, and your self-expression through fashion, can be a journey. It doesn’t mean that you will immediately go for bright and bold: sometimes you have to work up to it. You’ll be amazed when you look back at pictures of yourself and see how far you’ve come. 

You never know when you will discover your new favorite color or pattern until you’ve had the courage to try it.

Add Textures and Inspired Styles

Sometimes, the styles that grace the runways feel impractical. 

In Fall 2019, metallics are listed as IN! Does that mean you’re going to get a metallic lamé skirt? Probably not! Well … unless you really love it! 

But can you try multi-layered metallic jewelry that shows off that trend? 


Runway trends are great because you can take a look at what is popular and find a way to integrate your version of the look into your wardrobe. 

Here are some trends details that you can look at for inspiration:

  • Fabrics used
  • Jewelry colors worn by the models
  • Nail polish
  • Hair styles

Using these textures and colors allows you to mimic some of the trends. Perhaps you may not want a tweed coat, but a tweed pair of dress pants would suit you nicely. You can incorporate the style without going all-in.

Incorporate Fashion Trends in Accent Pieces

Instead of being “head to toe” with a fashion trend, why not pick an item that fits current fashion trends, and use it as a focal point of a capsule wardrobe? You can use neutrals to make that one item POP in your wardrobe.

Imagine starting with a piece that fits the style that Harper’s Bazaar calls “Dark Romance.” (Hint: it’s floral patterns on a darker background – easy enough to find!). 

Find a shirt that fits “Dark Romance” and then create a wardrobe around it.

Get some Judy Blue jeans, a comfortable sweater, a pair of comfortable khakis, and you’re set!

High-fashion inspired looks don’t have to be uncomfortable and worn by models on a runway. You can rock these inspired looks in your own home, on a hot date, or at your office.

These looks don’t have to cost you a lot either: you don’t have to spend $600 for a fancy brand name dress. 

You can shop from boutiques like mine (shameless plug!) and create practical looks that incorporate your favorite fashion trends.

What runway looks are you loving and hoping to add to your wardrobe? I’d love to hear how the runway inspires you in the comments.

Make a Statement with Essential Oil Lava Stone Jewelry

It’s the change of seasons, and with that, many moms are pulling out the trusty essential oils. Whether you use oils to ward off the transitional season sickness, or you just love using essential oils as a perfume alternative, essential oil lava stone jewelry just might be the thing for you. 

You probably have seen it: simple chains with a black bead, or a series of black beads. Black bracelets, or even earrings. These lava stone pieces are a statement all on their own and are leading trends: but best of all, not only are they beautiful and trendy, they are useful! Read on to learn more about essential oil lava stone jewelry.

How Does Essential Oil Jewelry Work?

Essential oil diffusing jewelry is commonly made from lava rock beads. These beads are made from cooled lava rock. As the rock cools, it becomes porous.

Lava rocks are porous, which means that they are able to “soak up” the oils that you drop onto it. Normally, when you drop essential oils onto a hard surface, it doesn’t soak in: it just spreads out. The unique pitted surface of the lava beads makes them the perfect carrier for essential oils. 

But the lava rocks soak up the essential oils, and you’re able to keep those scents close.

Why Use Essential Oil Jewelry?

Perhaps you are at work, and aren’t able to run a diffuser without bothering your coworkers. Or, maybe you’re out running errands, but feeling a bit of a stuffy nose, and you want to keep your essential oil close. Maybe you want to use an oil that you’re not comfortable diffusing around your pets.

There’s a million reasons why you’d want to keep your essential oils close, and regardless of your reason, there’s one easy solution for everyone: essential oil jewelry!

Jewelry lets you express your style, but it doesn’t always have to be decorative. You can find jewelry that does everything from hide bobby pins, disguise a phone charger or a pen, or even a bracelet that holds all of your keys and keep them handy in a stylish manner. 

If you’re a busy mom, items that serve more than one function are priceless (can I get an A-MEN?)!

How to Use Lava Stone Jewelry

Using your lava stone jewelry is easy – I’m all about keeping that mom life as easy as possible.

Choose your favorite essential oil or blend. You can find tons of blends on Pinterest

To help spread the oil evenly, put a drop of essential oil on your finger, and then rub onto the bead, being careful not to get the oil on any other parts of the jewelry, like tassels, wooden beads, or any other parts.

Just put on the jewelry, and enjoy having your oils close! 

Where to Buy Essential Oil Jewelry

I carry a few pieces of essential oil jewelry in my boutique! I switch them out from season to season, but you can typically find some piece of lava rock jewelry just to meet your needs.

This fall, I am featuring two special pieces in the boutique.

First, is a pair of earrings that has a few lava stones, and a mauve tassel underneath. It combines practicality and trendy, making it the perfect piece to add to your fall wardrobe!

You can get the earrings HERE.

Next, we have a coordinating bracelet that combines wooden beads with lava stones, and has a coordinating tassel. You’ll feel put together when you wear the pair. Wearing matching jewelry is magical: it’s like when your bra and underwear match. 

There’s just something that makes you feel so put together when that happens, right? You know what I’m talking about!

You can purchase the bracelet HERE.

Do you love essential oils, and enjoy diffusing them and keeping them on hand? Have you ever tried essential oil lava stone jewelry? I’d love to hear more about your experiences in the comments!

Dirty Bee Shampoo Bars

Why You Should Try a Dirty Bee Shampoo Bar

Have you browsed through all the offerings on the Just Gorgeous Darling website? If you have, you may have uncovered one of my favorite hidden gems: the Dirty Bee shampoo bar. 

Ever admired my hair in all of my pictures that you see? I’m sharing my best hair secret with all of you: it’s too good to keep a secret!

What Are Shampoo Bars?

Instead of using liquid shampoo, you may want to give these bars a try! Instead of liquid in a plastic bottle, these shampoo bars are solid, and you rub them in your hands to get shampoo on your hands and then through your hair.

These bars are more concentrated forms of shampoo and conditioner. Quick: go look at your shampoo in your bathroom! I’ll be here when you get back.

What was the first ingredient listed on the bottle? 

For most shampoos, that first ingredient is water!

Shampoo bars end up being far more concentrated (so you can use less and it lasts longer) than shampoo you find in bottles. Win-win for everyone!

Benefits of Using Shampoo Bars

There are so many benefits to switching over to shampoo bars, but I will highlight a few.

Less Waste

If you’re looking to live a lifestyle with less waste, then now is your time to cheer. Shampoo and conditioner bars use far less packaging that traditional shampoo bottles. 

Longer Lasting

Shampoo and conditioner bars last longer, because they are far more concentrated than your typical liquid shampoo. These bars can last longer than THREE bottles of your normal shampoo!


Remember how I just said that they are longer-lasting? They are also more cost-effective: long-lasting means that you replace them far less often than you do your typical bottled shampoo.

Salon-Quality Ingredients

I love the Dirty Bee Shampoo bars because they only use salon-quality ingredients! They are pH balanced, vegan-friendly, and luxurious. Even better, they are animal cruelty free!

How to Use Shampoo Bars

Having a hard time imagining using shampoo bars instead of your typical shampoo? 

I got you, girl. 

Use your shampoo bar like you would a bar of soap. Rub it in your hands, under running water. Then, rub your hands through your hair, concentrating on the areas that you know tend to be greasy or dirty (we all know our spots!). 

Then, rinse as usual.

To make your shampoo bar last as long as possible, make sure that you put it in a place in your shower where it is not sitting in water. If it sits in water, it will dissolve, and you’ll be sad. 

Dirty Bee Shampoo Bar Scents

No matter what your nose likes, we have a shampoo bar for you. Whether you love floral, citrus, or musky scents, we’ve got something in stock.

Trying to avoid sulfates? We’ve got you covered, gorgeous. Got dry, damaged hair? You’re going to love the Dirty Bee line of conditioner bars. 

Check out all the available scents:

  • Island Pink: Tropical Citrus and Floral
  • Wild Leopard: Floral with Mild Orange Flower note intertwined with Ginger and a hint of Honey Sandalwood
  • Succulent: Pineapple, Juniper Berries, Lavender, Citrus and Lemon
  • Moroccan Oil: A woodsy scent with just a hint of bergamot.
  • Blondie: SULFATE FREE | Fresh Citrus Scent 
  • Sunkisses: Warm coconut with vanilla musk.
  • Boyfriend: A Unisex blend of Woodsy and Berry Scents
  • Turquoise & Lace:  Fresh Linen mixed with the Smell of Arizona Summer
  • Coconut Lime: Margarita scent with a dash of Refreshing Coconut
  • Stimulate: Invigorating, Minty scent

I absolutely LOVE the Moroccan Oil Scent…it has a woodsy scent with just a hint of bright bergamot.

Shop Dirty Bee Shampoo Bars

You can purchase the shampoo bars HERE. If I am out of your favorite scent, make sure you join my Facebook community here, and let me know that you want to give it a try!

Have you tried the Dirty Bee shampoo bars? Tell me about your experience in the comments! I’d love to hear what you thought!

By the way … did you know that when you text “Darling” to 57838, I’ll give you a code for 15% off? Don’t miss out on being part of the JGD insiders club!

Three Wardrobe Staples You Can Wear Year-Round

Versatile Wardrobe Basics

Fall is coming, and with it, a wardrobe change. 

You may be poking around your sundresses and your tank tops, looking longingly at your chunky sweaters pushed into the back of your closet. I mean, who doesn’t love a hot chocolate and a cardigan? 

Or, you may be sadly thinking about packing away those brighter, lightweight clothes and trading them in for warmer stuff. 

No matter how you feel about the change of seasons, It’s about time to pack away the light summer essentials, and bring out the warm long sleeves and sweaters. 

Instead of just buying a completely seasonal wardrobe, however, you can be strategic with some of the clothing that you purchase so that you can wear them all year round!

Here are three classic wardrobe staples that you’ll want to make sure you have in your wardrobe that you can use year round, no matter the season!

By the way, have you ever considered creating a capsule wardrobe? These three pieces would create an excellent foundation!

A Perfect Pair of Jeans


This has to be first on the list, because there’s no question about it: I love my Judy Blue Jeans. Goodbye, saggy bottom drawers; hello, perfect denim. 

You’ll wear your jeans year-round, from cooler summer evenings, to chilly January. 

A good pair of jeans will hug your body perfectly and go with basically everything that you pair it with. Want to look dressed up and trendy? Throw on a dark wash pair of jeans, and a blazer. Ready to look relaxed and chill? A basic tee shirt, chunky jewelry, and sandals will do the trick!

A perfect pair of jeans will be part of your year-round wardrobe!

A Basic, Essential Shirt

Essential T Shirt V Neck Regular & Plus Size

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that tee shirt that goes with everything, feels soft and comfortable, and you can dress it up, or dress it down. 

It’s simple, and essentially perfect.

A basic tee shirt is the foundation for easy styling. If you’re looking to get into trying new things, especially accessories, and you’re feeling a little uncertain, then this tee shirt will help you have the perfect set up to let your personality shine with your accessories!

Plus, your shirt will dress up with a nice skirt, or dress down with your favorite pair of jeans – it’s the perfect addition!

See what essential tee shirts are currently available in my shop!

A Warm, Cozy Sweater

Waffle Knit Sweaters regular & plus size

I know, I know – fall is coming, and sweaters are on my mind! But here’s the thing: we’ve all used a sweater year-round. I mean, have you walked into an air-conditioned office lately?


Whether it be black, gray, burgundy, or whatever color you like, your sweater will be a wardrobe staple!  

The best part of a sweater is that you can dress it to whatever season – add a necklace in the spring, or a light scarf, and you’re set! Add a chunky crocheted scarf in the fall, and you’re set!

Check out all the sweaters I currently have available in the Just Gorgeous Darling shop. 

So what do you think?

Once you have all of these wardrobe staples in your closet, you can dress them up and accessorize them with all the seasonal trends! Make sure that you check out the boutique website, and join my Facebook community, because we have new arrivals coming weekly, and with fall coming, you’re not going to want to miss out!

These are some of my favorite wardrobe staples – what would you add to that list? What did I miss that you think every woman should have in her closet?

Creating a trendy capsule wardrobe for moms, plus size ladies, and busy women

Creating the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you look at your closet? You’ve got so many options on what to wear, but really, you tend to just pick the same thing, day after day. I mean, it works, right?

When browsing Pinterest for wardrobe ideas, you’ve probably heard about the concept of a capsule wardrobe, and found it to be intriguing. After all, how awesome would it be to put your hand in your closet, grab something, and automatically know that it would match?

I’m going to share some tips and tricks for how you can create your own capsule wardrobe – but make sure that you read to the end, because I will soon be opening up seasonal capsule wardrobes in my Facebook group, and you’ll want to get all the juicy details!

Tip: want to try putting together your own capsule wardrobe? Use the cart on my online store as a staging area! Add things to your cart and see if you like them together to create your own capsule wardrobe. 

Pick a Cornerstone Piece for Your Capsule Wardrobe

This piece is the one that helps set the tone for the entire wardrobe. Whether it be a dress, a pair of pants, skirt, or whatever, this is the piece that brings it all together.

Many people start by choosing a base color for their capsule wardrobe, like navy or black, but starting with a cornerstone piece helps you build a wardrobe you’ll love and want to wear every day, especially if you’re just beginning with a capsule wardrobe.

This cornerstone piece has the colors that you love and want throughout the entire capsule wardrobe, and can easily be paired with any other item.

For example: is your favorite piece a cardigan? You can use this to inspire the rest: pants and a skirt that match, several neutral shirts. It all comes together from here!

For fall, one of my favorite cornerstone pieces is a chunky sweater, or a pair of my favorite Judy Blue jeans. These items are easy to match with other items to create a winning capsule wardrobe.

Pick Neutral Complimentary Pieces

Now that you’ve picked your cornerstone pieces, you’ll want to find neutral items that go with that piece. 

Continuing with using a cardigan as the example, you’ll want to find a pair of pants and a skirt that go with that cardigan. Then, find two shirts that match BOTH the pants and the skirt and the cardigan.

With this, you’ve suddenly turned 5 pieces of clothing into 8 different looks!

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Shirt 1 + Pants
  2. Shirt 2 + Pants
  3. Shirt 1 + Skirt
  4. Shirt 2 + Skirt
  5. Shirt 1 + Pants + Cardigan
  6. Shirt 2 + Pants + Cardigan
  7. Shirt 1 + Skirt + Cardigan
  8. Shirt 2 + Skirt + Cardigan

Just 5 pieces of clothing can create 8 totally unique looks!

You can easily customize these choices to fit your unique needs. Not a skirt person? Easy! Just find two pairs of pants. Looking for a more professional look? Simply add a blazer to your capsule wardrobe instead of a cardigan.

There are no limits to creating a capsule wardrobe, and you can ensure that it is perfect for your unique needs!

Contrast with Accessories

Accessories are magical.

You can completely change the vibe of an outfit by swapping out the accessories. Switch out a chunky scarf for dainty jewelry, and you’ve got a totally different look. 

Accessories are the MVP of your capsule wardrobe because they can give a pop of contrasting color, bring out an accent color from your cornerstone piece, or just make it look like a completely different outfit.

Whether it be colorful earrings, or a neutral necklace, I’ve got something that’s sure to fit your style.

Buy a Capsule Wardrobe

Does this all still feel overwhelming? I get it! Making sure to get the most value out of your wardrobe takes some intentional work. 

Starting this fall, I’m offering seasonal capsule wardrobes in the Just Gorgeous Darling boutique! If you’re interested in me creating a capsule wardrobe tailored to you, click HERE to join my group, and get all the details!